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  • High power laser cutting machine
  • Some of the three-dimensional carving machine
  • Diamond polishing machine
  • Big plane automatic screen printing machine
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A professional the masons,Well-known brands4SStore light signage

Abundance(Art new)Is a company for many years engaged in the production of acrylic professional manufacturers,Make full use of the characteristics of the force that press a gram,Acrylic is widely used in advertising,Cosmetics,Alcohol and tobacco,Drink,Such as the electronics industry,New art with their professional,Dedicated spirit of service for different industries,Opened up a whole new world of the force that press a gram。The company has high power laser cutting machine,Some of the three-dimensional carving machine,Diamond polishing machine, and a large plane automatic screen printing machine,Automatic suction molding machine,And a large number of professional skilled workers,...To view more+

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